Oeko-Tex is a quality label comprising several technical standards, which aim to certify the health and ecological qualities of textiles and leathers, guaranteeing the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment. Oeko-Tex is also the name of the International Association for Research and Testing of Ecological Textiles, which consists of 18 independent research institutes.

Standard 100 is the certification that a textile product is free from any harmful substance, certifying it as safe for human health. This certification can be applied to items at all stages of the production chain, and requires that all components be tested to obtain certification.

Yes ! Nous nous considérons comme une marque eco-friendly car nous avons toujours favorisé lorsque nous avions le choix entre plusieurs matières, des matières eco ! Notre gamme Originals propose des maillots aux matières 90% éco responsables, quant à notre gamme Exclusive, toutes les doublures des maillots sont eco. Vous souhaitez acheter un maillot 100% eco ? Sur les fiches produits de nos maillots 100% Eco, vous retrouverez le picto suivant :

icone feuille eco friendly

Our swimsuits have been designed not to be transparent. The materials we have selected are all lined so that there are no unpleasant surprises! Go swimming without fear!

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We know that every woman is unique and it is rare that a woman's top and bottom are the same. You can easily buy a top and a bottom of a different size.

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